Age: Older than you think
Height: Only short when he stands next to Rohan
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Hair: Bleach blonde
Eyes: Varies with mood
Occupation: Mooch

Vinnie is somewhat of a goofball. He suffers from a plethora of emotional disorders, so he tries very hard to keep a positive outlook on life. It usually manifests itself in his loud, hyper and obnoxious nature. He loves to draw, and is very creative and silly.


Age: Younger than Vinnie
Height: Mutant
Gender: Male
Species: Unknown
Hair: Varies with mood
Eyes: White with black pupils

Rohan is an artist, but tragically he can't draw. Thus, he must find other media through which to express the anguish that he endures every day. One such media is his pants. Though he may seem dark and gloomy, he can be cheerful at times, just like all bipolar people.


Age: Teenager, perpetually
Height: Average
Gender: Female
Species: Goth
Hair: Dark
Eyes: Coloured contacts
Occupation: Spooky person

You went to high school with her, remember?


Age: A few years
Height: None
Weight: None
Gender: Debatable
Species: N/A
Hair: Yes
Eyes: Two

Pants is a young lady who doesn't exist. She was spawned by Vinnie's vivid imagination, though she is not so much an alter-ego as an imaginary friend. Due to the miracle of technology, she can communicate with real people. She is also extremely boy-crazy, much to Vinnie's dismay.

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